Core Values

Honesty…Highest Ethical Standards
Founded on faith-based values, we firmly believe in honesty in everything we do. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity and hard work. Our clients will always receive our best; and if we make mistakes we will make it right.
Service Value…Beyond Expectations
Whether it’s a residential or commercial construction project, we realize that it is a large investment on the part of our clients. We further realize that our clients have put their trust in us to provide them with the best construction at a fair price. We believe in Service Value First and Profits Second because without Service there will be no profits.

Teamwork…People Focused
All of our projects require an integrated approach in order to be successful. Our employees, our vendors/suppliers, our subcontractors and lastly our clients. We must all understand the project requirements/plan and work in harmony to deliver a high quality project on time, within budget and per client expectations. Mutual respect at all levels provides the footing for success.

Commitment…Client Focused
We would never have lasted 43 years in the construction business if we had not been committed to providing the highest quality value at the fairest price possible to our clients. Working hand-in hand with our clients to drive the best design solutions; building long lasting relations with our vendors, subcontractors and employees differentiates us. Above all we believe in old fashion one-on-one service, committed to satisfying our clients.

Community…Giving Back
Ever mindful of the community around us, we believe that for every success we receive we have a responsibility to give back to the community. Our mantra is “Make the Community around you better than before”.

“Your Dreams; Our Passion”